"Not everyone’s ready to read what I have to say – because they’d rather get sicker and fatter instead of taking action. If you’re up for a challenge, I’ll show you how to fight back, lose weight, and reverse the effects of decades of crappy eating…"

Dear Friend,

If you’ve struggled with stubborn weight that stays no matter what you try… 

Or if you suffer from… 

  • Frequent headaches  
  • Brittle nails and dull hair  
  • Lack of energy  
  • An insatiable sweet tooth  
  • Arthritis (or general aches and pains)  
  • Skin issues – eczema, acne, wrinkles, etc 
  • Chronic disease or conditions  
  • Food and seasonal allergies  
  • Bowel issues  
  • GERD or chronic heartburn  
  • Anxiety  
  • Sleeplessness

Then you’re in the right place – because it’s about time to reset your health. And we're about to show you how how that's possible in 7 days. Here’s the deal: I’ve created a complete step-by-step, hold-you-by-the-hand guide that teaches you our #1 strategy for body-wide healing and toxin reversal. It’s quick, it’s easy… and the best part: It’s not some pill or “get skinny quick” scheme.

My name is Cameron Smith, and I teach thousands of people how to regain control of their health through smart eating choices and removing toxins from daily use. 

So… wanna know the BIGGEST health mistake that I see? 

We Americans are obsessed… OBSESSED with the laziest solutions we can possibly find. Usually that means taking pills, getting surgery, or eating some fake food that’s touted as a health plan. 

So the mistake? 

It’s fixing symptoms, not healing what’s wrong with us. 

Have you noticed that the prescription pills we take don’t heal anything – they just manage symptoms? Like arthritis, a cold, allergies, or even appetite suppressant? 

 They’re not fixing the underlying issue. 


Because they have no incentive to cure you – they want you to keep shelling out for Claritin for the rest of your life. We Americans are happy to take pills because it’s easy, quick, and they make us feel better (for a time, anyway).

But you know what? It’s time to heal ourselves. It’s time to stop taking the lazy way out, because it’s making us sicker than ever. Sure, we might be living longer, but often those are extra years we’re living with excruciating pain or debilitating disease

I’m going to show you how to start fixing the underlying reasons why you’re always sick, can’t lose weight, and have chronic pain.  

For example: 


Did you know that getting fat, acquiring disease, and suffering chronic pain often stems from the same internal issue?

The fact is, even if you’re skinny and look great, odds are your inner health could use a boost. In fact, most of us are so riddled with toxins (even healthy eaters) it’s a wonder we don’t register on a Geiger counter.


  • We take in toxins daily (processed foods, pollution, soaps, cosmetics, cleaners, tap water).  
  • Our bodies aren’t equipped to handle that high a toxic load.  
  • Those toxins destroy our gut bacteria and accumulate in our soft tissues.  
  • This accumulation of toxins cause most chronic pain and disease that we know of, from arthritis to cancer. 

Talk about a sepulcher painted white, huh? And that’s why I (along with the wife) created a step-by-step juice cleanse program. Juicing introduces a massive amount of nutrients – so many in fact that your body functions at peak capacity (like when Popeye eats spinach) and begins to heal itself. Your body releases the toxins it’s been holding onto for decades. YOU’LL SEE BENEFITS SUCH AS: 

  • Stubborn pounds coming off  
  • Healthier skin, hair, and nails
  • Less pain from arthritis
  • Disappearance of your craving for junk food  
  • Better mental focus  
  • More energy
  • Better management of chronic disease
  • Can help in the reversal of “uncurable” diseases, such as allergy, eczema, ADD, and even cancer. (I’ve encountered valid examples of people curing diabetes and cancer with juicing, but that’s beyond the scope of my course).  

I see juicing like taking your car into the mechanic. They fix the parts that are rattling around, top of all the fluids, and maybe wash your car. You get your car back and it purrs like a cat.  


This guide I’ve put together explains what toxins are doing to your body. I explain why having a healthy gut is easily the most important factor of your overall health.  

Did you know that you have more cells of bacteria in your gut then in the rest of your body combined? Pretty nuts - but this bacteria is the backbone of your immune system! 

And guess what kills that good bacteria:


Yes, "toxin" has certainly become this catch-all buzzword lately - but that's because they're more present than ever before in human history. We find more heavily processed foods with preservatives, dyes, inedible chemicals, and other stuff cooked up in the wrong kind of plant. These toxins are proven to destroy our gut bacteria, hurt our intestinal lining, and eventualy flood our bloodstream.

And toxins flooding your sytem is the #1 cause of chronic illness and conditions. Think cancer, diabetes, mental illness, anxiety, fatigue, depression, arthritis, headaches, MS, Alzheimer's, and many, many more. Toxins, after all, are poisons.

Wanna feel better, live longer, and reverse illness? Heal your gut. Remove toxins.  

This guide teaches you how to do a 7-day juice cleanse, and do it the RIGHT way. Obviously, juicing isn’t exactly a new thing. You throw veggies into a juicer, out pops the juice. Drink the juice. Done! 



Not exactly. 

When you juice for a long time, you get no fiber. With no fiber, your bowels don’t move. When your bowels don’t move, you don’t expel toxins. When you stir up toxins with juicing and don’t expel them… 

Well, you can see how that’d get you in trouble right here in River City. 

I’ll teach you how to take care of that with proper herbal supplementation. 

I’ll show you how to juice for as cheaply as possible, and even give you tons of tasty recipes so you don’t feel like stabbing yourself in the eye instead of drinking another juice on day 6. 

But the best part? 


I hold you by the hand and show you exactly what time of the day you should be drinking juice and taking the 6 herbal supplements we recommend, and how much of each.

Aaaaaaand…. It’s printable! 

It’s the little things that make me happy, apparently. 


  • How to prepare the most common produce for juicing (do you peel it? Pit it? Take of the rind? Discard the leaves? You’ll get the answers inside)  
  • How to create the right blend of healthy, tasty, and cheap for the best results
  • The top myths about juicing dispelled, once and for all (you’d be surprised at the arguments people come up with)  
  • 10 tips for making juicing super convenient – like the weird trick to put a plastic bag over the strainer for the easiest clean-up ever (that’s 1, still got 9 more)  
  • The tricky science behind healing and maintaining a healthy gut (it’s the most important overall factor of your body’s health in preventing disease, obesity, and mental disorders)  
  • How to effectively manage arthritis pain with juicing (and not just during the7-day cleanse, either).  
  • How often you should do a juice cleanse (hint: it’s not “whenever I feel like it” o’clock)
  • Why there’s much more to a juice cleanse than just juicing – and why the “extras” are the secret sauce that make it work 
  • How to finally shake off the weight you’ve been “working off” for years - toxins = stubborn fat
  • Which herbs and supplements you MUST take along with your juice cleanse (or risk actually getting sicker)  
  • How to choose the most “bang for your buck” veggies that won’t break the bank (choosing the right veggies can actually make juicing cheaper than normal healthy eating)  
  • The stupid easy trick to help make any juice tastier, even when you’re a week in (and no, it’s not adding sugar!)  
  • How to slowly ease back into eating solids without angering your stomach  
  • How to rely less on your prescription pills – and manage your symptoms better than ever  
  • What you should eat before you start your cleanse (this tip can be the difference between making it 7 days and not even lasting an hour)  
  • How to keep from being insatiably hungry (actually, you’ll feel full most of the time)  
  • What exercise to do with your cleanse for maximum effect  
  • What you should drink every single morning (apart from juices) that can make or break the whole thing


I can’t promise you any results. But I can tell you the secret behind a juice cleanse are the “extras” that make the whole thing work. These are the things that I’ve NEVER seen anyone else teach. This isn’t one of those “pay money so you can teach me to throw veggies in a juicer and drink them.” It’s an entire program.


Isn’t it time that you start healing what’s wrong with you? 

Losing that stubborn weight and managing/curing chronic pain and illness? 

Having WAY more energy and mental focus? 

Isn’t it time that you felt like you could… 

Go for a hike? 

Clean your house? 

Walk a flight of stairs without breathing hard or feeling pain? 

Play with your kids instead of watching? 

Live your life the way you want it? 

Let’s get you on our juicing plan – I guarantee it’s what you need on your journey to full health. 

It really doesn’t get easier than this, but the results are insane. 

Here’s the deal: 


You might not have the willpower to do it. However, if I can overcome my food addiction to be a real food junkie, I have a feeling you can pull it off. I used to eat out twice a day!

Or, if you can’t go 7 days without outside influences forcing your hand, like work trips, or visiting the in-laws, then maybe you can’t do it. 

I personally think these are just convenient excuses to put off the biggest change you’ll make in your life. 

But, if you CAN do it, and are ready to eventually quit the pills, lose weight, feel AMAZING, and finally have energy, then click the “Add To Cart” button below. It’ll be the best $27 you’ll ever spend.  

On Top of our Guide Juicing the Right Way, You'll Also Get...  

"9 Detox Strategies for Life"

  • The everyday maintenance your body needs when you're in-between juice cleanses.
  • Our favorite herbs that detox the body automatically.
  • How to support and supercharge your body's natural detox mechanisms.
Detox Strategies

"How to Juice Cleanse on a Budget"

  • 16 super simple ways to make juicing affordable.
  • How we did a juice cleanse on practically our normal eating budget.
  • Find machines powerful enough to juice a hammer for $15.
  • Our favorite cheap, delicious, and healthy produce that work great in recipes.

"20 Irresistible Juicing Recipes"

  • We've gagged down gross, disgusting, bitter juices so you don't have to. You'll get only our favorites.
  • Recipes specifically designed for breakfast. 
  • Kid-and-disgruntled-spouse tested, approved by me.
20 Juicing Recipes
after a juice cleanse

"Life After A Juice Cleanse"

  • How to “come down” off your juice cleanse without making yourself sick.
  • What foods you should focus on after your cleanse. 
  • How to maintain a more toxin-free diet for life.
  • The next step you can take to heal your allergies.

Also, I’ll throw in a 30-day money back guarantee. For ANY reason at all – if you decide the eBook wasn’t worth the price of a dinner for 2, I’ll give it back. I’d love to know why you’re returning it, but that’s even optional. 

After you click the “Add To Cart” button below, you’ll be given an immediate download link and you’ll have it in PDF form on your computer in seconds. 

You could plow through it and be juicing by next week. Are you excited to get started on the path to taking control? 

I know I was, and I’m glad I can share this with you!

Juicing Bundle


Cameron and Erin Smith

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